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lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Waterfall rappelling 45 min. from Mexico City

The magical town of Tepoztlan is known for its colonial streets, beautiful colors and most importantly the astonishing mountains that surround this magnificent place. Most people come for a nice stroll and a good meal, little do they know they are missing out on some of the most incredible waterfall rappelling in Mexico.

Just 45 minutes away from Mexico city this spectacular place is full of surprises and adventure.
The tour consists on a hour long hike up the mountain. Then 2 hours of waterfall rappelling and down hill hiking.

Incredible nature surrounds you every step of the way. 

After your incredible adventure I would recommend staying for lunch in one of the traditional Mexican restaurants at the bottom of the mountain. 

 Don´t miss out on the amazing arthisanal shopping!!!!!!!

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

Center of the modern world, Japan

Japan is the most esthetic place in the world. Everything in this country is made to impress, the scenery,  food, shops, culture, history, art and fashion have made Japan the center of the modern world. 

Tokyo is unbelievable, it even feels odd being in a place where there are no imperfections. Every corner is perfectly taken care of, every building is an architectural masterpiece, and most importantly everyone is extremely helpful.

One of the most incredible natural spectacles happen during spring in Japan, the cherry blossom trees decorate the entire country for about 12 days a year. It doesn't all happen at the same time, the cherry blossom season starts in march and ends may.

Japanese fashion is incredible from every angle. People have learned to express themselves extremely well and have innovative and creative new styles.

 Culture is everywhere in Japan. Pagodas, palaces, temples, and shrines are spread out trough the entire country. Kyoto is highly recommended if you are looking for the cultural side of Japan.

Art is a bit unconventional in Japan but never the less it´s spectacular!!!

Geishas or Geikos and Maikos are a big part of the japanese culture. Maikos are girls in training and after 5 years of strict education they can become Geikos or Geishas.

The markets are filled with incredible products. Everything is packaged in a very creative way, this gives every product an alternative use after its finished.

mmmm lollipops 

 It goes without saying that the food in Japan is out of this world. Everything is incredibly tasty and simple. From sushi to udon noodles there is no going wrong!!

 The bamboo forest in kyoto is just magnificent. Thousands of sky high bamboos, strait as an arrow surround you through you're visit.